“Visiting friends who teach you how to surf”

I came across Bikini Surf Women Retreat via many extra turns and loop ways and have to say, I am soooo glad I chose this place more out guts feeling and their key selling point free transfer from SJO or LIR airport. It was my first time in Costa Rica, and already during the transfer time from SJO my personal driver Monty 🙂 made me feel so welcomed and comfortable in that country. When finally arriving at Surf Bikini Property I was amazed by the layout, the style, the view and the accommodation and the also kind welcome of Adilia, the heart and soul of Casa Monty & Adilia. Both hosts were all the way extremely thought- and helpful, funny, great company and I enjoyed being around them every second.

The place is naturally built into the jungle environment (which causes visitors like banana demanding monkeys or tree climbing leguanas), provides a fantastic view into the valley and is therefore the best place to have a strong Costa Rican morning coffee which is always provided just upon waking up :p Besides that, the place is very clean, the food is fantastic, plenty but healthy – unless the flan and ice creams kick in…

And now, the actually reason why I came, learning how to surf. Both Monty and Adilia are passionate surfers and have worked out a super program to pass that passion onto their visitors. The selection of surf instructors is very good, the groups small and I highly appreciate Lauras and Adilias throughout patience, encouragement and advises in the first week, which made me feel more self secure on the board minute by minute. Also to mention Tina, which just rounded the surf lessons with her experiences in the second week. And yes, their aim to teach me that good,so I could go and rent a board on my own and try further was accomplished.

I stayed all together two weeks, and also if I cant mentioned all activities provided, I can assure, all services organized by Surf Bikini Retreat are fun (dancing), yummy (special dinners or restaurant visits) or at least of high quality (yoga/massages – as both can be painful or exhausting I exclude them from the “fun” section).

By the length of my review you hopefully get the feeling that I enjoyed my stay a lot and my overall feeling of my stay is: It was not a vacation in some kind of resort, no it was a home stay with friends with lots of activities and fun – I am very relaxed and want to come back as soon as possible.

Pura Vida!

My First Day Surfing !!!

Several months ago I made arrangements to go spend a week at Surf Bikini Retreat in Nosara and learn to surf. The thought of learning to surf and living the “surfer’s lifestyle” had always intrigued me but I had just never made the commitment. Well, I made the commitment and then began trying to imagine my first day in the water learning to surf. Sooner that I expected that first day in the water arrived. After some preliminary instructions on the beach by the female surf instructors , I was finally now sitting on a 9’1” NSP surfboard with my personal surf instructor , Alicia at my side. She asked me with such calmness if I was ready to start paddling for a wave and I replied back with an affirmative YES !!! The first wave soon arrived and I started paddling hard and sure enough the wave picked up the board and me and started pushing us towards the beach in what felt like warp speed. Within seconds of the board stating to move forward, I was somehow able to regain my composure and refocused my senses just as I began to hear in my head the words my surf instructor had spoken on the beach earlier that morning, ” once the board starts moving forward just push yourself up with your hands and jump to your feet “. I jumped to my feet and began standing on the board. At that moment, I began to experience one of the most exhilarating unforgettable sensations of my life. I felt like I was magically skimming over the water towards the beach in a strange controlled, yet slightly,( but cool ) out of control manner. That first day surfing I rode that wave and probably another 10 or so to the beach and from that point on I was stoked and totally hooked !!!! I recall that night I was so excited I could barely sleep as the day replayed over and over in my head the incredible experience of riding those first waves. I next morning I could not wait to hit the water and have another unforgettable day surfing in the warm tropical waters of Playa Guiones, Nosara.
Love, Bridgette

“Stop thinking about it & just go! You won’t regret it.”

I just got back from an amazing week at the Surf Bikini Retreat & miss it dearly already! Adilia & Monty are a dynamic duo who are so passionate and knowledgeable about surfing. They truly love spreading that joy & teaching others. They are very well loved & respected in the community, and the locals are welcoming to their guests. I was there with a friend, but I highly recommend it to any solo traveler as well. We got to know Adilia and Monty so well & had a blast. All communication prior to arrival was very professional, helpful & prompt. This was my 3rd weeklong surf camp in 3.5 years (and the total extent of my surfing experience), and by far I learned the most at Surf Bikini. They both (along with Laura) really helped me progress throughout the week with instruction in the water, theory lessons off-site, and video analysis. And by the end of the week, I was able to transition from a long board to a fun board, improve my paddling and learned the proper way to make turns.

The accommodations are comfortable and super clean. The food was delicious and diverse…lots of seafood, arroz con pollo, salads, homemade energy bars, pasta & smoothies. The house is made for relaxing with the jungle views, pool, lounge chairs & wildlife (birds, monkeys, frogs, house dog & kitten). There were so many other activities to fill your time during the week when not surfing like zip lining/canopy tour, massage (the best), yoga classes w/ Pao (so good), checking out local bars & restaurants, watching sunsets, dance class w/ Angie (her energy is contagious) & shopping (awesome jewelry & surf bikinis). But at the same time, you’re free to relax if that’s what you want to do.

Nosara is a very special place and Playa Guiones is the perfect beach break for beginners and surfers of all levels. I was hesitant at first about going in August, but it worked out better than I imagined. I loved the rain & thunderstorms, and it didn’t really interfere with surfing…it was beautiful, helped me sleep at times and a welcome break from the heat.

That said, I can’t wait to go back to Surf Bikini Retreat. Pura vida!

Hard to get too much of a good thing?

This year our rainy season which we affectionately call the “Green Season” has proven to be unspectacular with rain levels running at below 70% of normal levels. Meteorologist are attributing the lack of rain to the “el nino” phenomenon, but I personally believe this is just part of a cyclical process where we go through high and low levels of rain periodically. For us surfers , this extremely dry wet season has produced nothing less than epic surf week after week. Frankly, I can not believe I am about to say this but, I have “almost” had enough near perfect surf. Note I said almost, because as any hard core gnarly surfer knows just when you think your arms and back are just too sore for another session , somehow you are able to muster up a second wind. I am now confident that if mother nature keeps churning out these perfect glassy days I will be able to march forward and continue double sessions day after day.
For any or you out there living through the dog days of perpetual summer flatness this is definitely the year to jump on a plane and get yourself to Guanacaste, Costa Rica. To put things in perspective the surf report today for Nosara stated we would be having 1 to 2 foot surf, I grabbed a fish and though I would have a rare relaxing small session at Playa Guiones, wrong !!!! Got to the beach and conservatively it was a solid 4 to 6 feet. Again, I thought it is hard to get too much of a good thing .

“Amazing experience and wonderful people – I’ll be back soon!”

“Amazing experience and wonderful people – I’ll be back soon!”
5 of 5 stars

So from a practical perspective Surf Bikini Retreat is superb. The cabinas are spacious and well appointed – lovely hot showers and air conditioning, as well as lovely little extras like your complimentary rash vest, board wax and fresh fruit welcome drink. My FAV was the hammock which I spent pretty much all my time in when I wasn’t surfing or chatting to Monty and Adilia! I could get the WiFi from there too so it was great to post pics while swinging away in the breeze…

The food is excellent! Adilia’s sister is a wonderful chef and the quality of fruit in Nosara is divine! I was always full and especially enjoyed Adilia’s smoothies which were so yummy and healthy! Surf Bikini Retreat also has a pool to have a cool dip in after a day out in the surf and some lovely loungers to watch the jungle and monkeys and iguanas from 🙂 Which you will see because you’re up in the hills above Nosara with beautiful views out over the valley and distant mountains.

The program is awesome too, surf surf and more surf, interspersed with yoga to stretch those stiff muscles and some fun dance lessons from the lovely Angie. You also get a choice of different activity with the program – I chose the canopy zip-lining – and it was awesome! I recommend you wear long-ish shorts and trainers if you go with this option… and be warned there is a little bit of a hike at one point, but the scenery is beautiful and makes it worth it!

But back to the surfing… well… I didn’t have very high expectations of myself when I arrived at Surf Bikini Retreat. I’d said in the surfer profile I completed for Monty that I’d be satisfied if I could get some pics of me standing up on the board at the end of the week. Well let me tell you that not only was I standing up, but before I left (I stayed on a few more days) I was paddling out into the green water and catching waves!! Adilia has got the most wonderful, patient way about her and she was such an inspiration to me. Monty has a brilliant sense of humor and clearly lives surfing… both are so passionate about what they do… it’s not just a business for them, it’s a way of life and when you come to Surf Bikini you really do get welcomed into the family.

As a solo traveler I never felt unsafe and Adilia took me under her wing, introduced me to her lovely friends, other surfers, and took me out to some of the hot spots in town. I had a great time and really feel like I’ve made a friend for life 🙂

I was so sad to leave Monty, Adilia and the Surf Bikini family and the beauty of Nosara – who now all have a special place in my heart. I’ve have enjoyed every second of my holiday and will 100% continue to surf and come back Nosara to surf with them again very soon.

If you’re on the fence about whether you should go, don’t be! It is an amazing experience, in a beautiful place with wonderful people… you’ll love it, GO!

Pura Vida!
Room Tip: Ask for the cabina with the hammock! It’s a little more private and has a hammock… can you tel…

A great Review From a Lovely Family….

A great review from from a mother and her two daughters that recently visited Surf Bikini Retreat. The personalized style of attending to our guest made this “girls family” vacation an unforgettable experience.

“The best in Norsara/Guiones”
5 of 5 stars

My daughters and I just returned form Surf Bikini Retreat and had the week of our lives. We spent the week learning to surf and saw the best of Playas Guinones, Palada, Ostional and the Nosara area.

Monty and Adilia are amazing surf coaches. I am a very novice surfer and they were able to get me on my feet quickly. My daughters also improved their skills and left with new tools to continue their surf adventures.

Our week was very well organized with surf lessons, yoga, dancing, massage, zip-lining, horseback riding, a beach bon-fire, sunsets and incredible meals. There was never a dull moment.

The rooms are spacious, clean and comfortable.

This is one of the best vacations we have ever had. Monty and Adilia made all of us feel like we were life-long friends. We felt very welcome and comfortable. I look forward to spending another week at Surf Bikini Retreat and learning more from the best surf instructors in Costa Rica.
Room Tip: The whole place is wonderful.