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After you’ve unwound and settled into the lush surroundings of Surf Bikini Retreat, next up is to teach you exactly what you signed up for: how to ride waves! During your time with us you’ll receive a minimum of 18 hours professional surf instruction from our all-female coaching team of dedicated wave warriors. Core elements include theory, demonstration, feedback, and of course lots of surfing. With decades of experience we understand that effective surf instruction comes from creating a fun, simple, and safe environment in which the student feels confident to push their limits. Core skills are taught step-by-step with a focus on creating a solid platform from which our guests can leave confident of safely tackling the ocean on their own.

Super stoke after a great surf session!


The most important thing is “Have Fun”

In order to develop a solid foundation on which to build it’s crucial that the basic skills of surfing are taught thoroughly and effectively. However the Surf Bikini instruction program doesn’t just stop there. Once we’ve covered the basics our professional surf coaches will work closely with you to plan, develop, and implement a customized daily game plan to keep you moving on up.

Our coaches understand that every student is different and that goals, challenges, and limitations vary. In order to effectively implement this personalized, custom tailored program Surf Bikini keeps it’s class size to a maximum of 8 students per week.

One on one girls surf training covers the basics.

A critical and hugely effective component of our surfing curriculum is the daily one-on-one feedback sessions between our coaches and students. These personalized sessions are designed to convey precise, detailed feedback on the subtle yet fundamentally essential small details of form. These sessions include advice on stance, and placement and movement of ones arms, head, and shoulders while riding a wave. Although such info may sometimes seem unimportant to beginners, it is this detail rich feedback that will lay the cornerstone of good technique, consequently allowing the student to keep progressing long after their stay with us at Surf Bikini Nosara.

If you’d like to learn more about the kind of specific surf coaching program that Surf Bikini Nosara can create just for you call us at (506) 8828 0826, 

Playa Guiones is a Great Wave to Learn to Surf.

To ensure you get the absolute maximum benefit from your time with us we recommend guests to take up some cross-training, swimming, or other physical activities prior to your arrival. Although not strictly essential students with increased flexibility, strength, and aerobic capacity may find their learning curve greatly accelerated. Prior to arrival we will be happy to provide a list of training activities suited to optimize your surfing performance.


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